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Yellerbee was born in January 2015 to Lenny Balston and Lyndsey Rhodes. Both Lenny and Lyndsey have worked for most of their careers in the IT sector and were frustrated by the jargon and off-putting language which can put up barriers to people's use of technology. Over the course of a few months (and several gins) they decided they wanted to offer people the chance to boost their web presence without having to first get a degree in IT.

"We want to offer people clear, beautiful but affordable sites and to really take that daunting confusion out of having an online presence."

Lenny Balston

I have been coding since I was fourteen years old. My career initially started in the corporate world. I worked for IBM, Philips and Samsung coding on various systems and in numerous languages before being lured into the world of the web. I started building websites outside of the corporate environment in 2005. And I love it! When I’m not building websites I curate content for SelfCentr.com

Lyndsey Rhodes

I worked for 11 years in the charity sector managing websites and databases and training fundraisers to make the most of online tools. More recently I have freelanced in helping to boost websites' rankings (SEO) and managing online content and data. When not working I can be found walking our dog in the Surrey Hills or watching cartoons with my kids, I have an allotment that needs weeding and an addiction to Minecraft for which I blame my 6 year old...

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