Alex Bottle competition and social media niceness

Lyndsey Rhodes
Alex Bottle Yellerbee Competition

So last week over on instagram I was having a bit of a rant about a great present I got for Christmas. It was an Alex Bottle

To say I love this bottle is an understatement... it ticks A LOT of boxes.

I've historically been rubbish at remembering to drink water and have consequently been plagued by headaches. But I've always felt icky about plastic bottles, so my start to the year has been a revalation as for the first time I am genuinely much better hydrated, all because of my water bottle!

Better still, it's made from recycled materials, it comes apart so it's rrrreally easy to clean properly, it has no harmful, noxious grossness in any part of it, it keeps water cold and fresh tasting and best of all you can use it as a wine cup when you're out and about. 

So anyway, there I was ranting about how much I love this bottle when the lovely people at Alex Bottle got wind of it and very kindly said they have created a new discount code JUST FOR US! Anyone who enters the discount code: yellerbeeweb at checkout will get 10% off their order.

But it gets better...

They also said that if just 3 people use that discount code they'll send us a bottle! And we decided we'd like to share that with you :-) 

So if we get enough people to use the discount code and we get a bottle we will give it away to one lucky person who has liked and shared our Facebook post on this.

In summary...

The bottle is amazing, Alex Bottle is an adorable company, use the discount code yellerbeeweb to get 10% off your order and like and share our Facebook post to be in with a chance to win your own bottle for free!

We should point out that the shipping means we are most likely looking to our North American friends to use this discount code but we will send the bottle to wherever you are in the world should you win :-)


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