Why do I need a website?

Lyndsey Rhodes
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Well, the internet is a big place and a lot of people are using it... According to the Office of National Statistics 73% of adults in the UK (that's 36 million people) access the internet EVERY DAY. And more than 83% of UK households are now online. That's a fairly compelling argument right there. If you've got a business and you want people to find out about you it's really worth considering getting yourself an online presence.


A website is a brilliant way of presenting you and your business to the world, but the best possible version of you (where you've had just the right level if caffeine and your hair is great). People are busy and schedules don't always happily collide but your website is there 24/7 letting people know all about your work.


A lot of conversations start with the words "I was just looking at your website...", let's face it, we like to know something about an enterprise before we decide to do business with them. If you run it through in your head are you likely to go with the people you can't find anything about online or those with a fantastic website with feedback from their customers and great information about their projects? A website gives your business credibility and gives your customers confidence in what you're offering.


You may think of your website as a big financial outlay and something to consider further down the line when you have an empire and minions, but your website should be your minion. It should be your marketing person, your database manager, your advertising and your PR guy. Your website works for you. A website generally costs in the region of £20 to £100 a month to run once it's set up which is a snip if  you balance that against savings in print advertising, leaflets and most importantly your time.

Think BIG!

So your business might be based in a small market town but your website has a global reach and that's a powerful tool for you to make use of...

Recently the UK government has been extolling the benefits of businesses being online and it's really worth having a look at this website for some more ideas.

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